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Tail Decorations

Our tail decorations come in several sizes, styles, and colors.
Our sizes include:
Miniature (4" width)
Small (5" width),
Mixed (Butterfly Style only- top piece is 5" wide and bottom piece is 6" wide)
Large (6" width)

Butterfly tail bows are constructed of a durable material with stiffner inside.   They can also be constructed of sequin or lame to match mane rolls.  The trim is sewn on top of the base material. 
Fan tail bows are constructed of a vinyl material and each strip of ribbon is sewn on individually.

Available colors are located on the color catalog page. If you do not see the color or style you are looking for, let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.  

Each tail bow is available in many colors and has the option of Black or White elastic. Be sure to include this color choice with your order. Black is our stock color.

Tail bow examples correspond with the picture and are oriented from the outer edge of the tail bow to the center of the tail bow.

These are stock styles and we can do any variety of ribbon width combinations for the fan style tail bows. Please let us know if you don't see something you are looking for.

*Colors and availability subject to change
Item Description  Price 
Sprig Bows- Used for braid-in tail sprigs.

Bows are easily attched with clips. 

Usually made to match 511 triple bows.

Choose 1-2 colors.
Artificial Tail Sprig- A nice accessory to enhance your horses rump.

Attached with elastic around the tail bone and tied around a scotch knot with narrow elastic at the bottom of the sprig.
Butterfly Tail Bow- Solid color with no trim.

Each half can be a different color if desired.

Forest Tail Bow
No Trim 
Butterfly Tail Bow w/Trim- This tail bow has one 5/8" strip of trim.

Yellow Tail Bow
5/8" Red Trim
Butterfly Tail Bow w/Double Trim- This tail bow has one 5/8" strip of trim, 1/4" space, and 1/4" strip of trim.

Royal Tail Bow
5/8" Silver Trim
1/4" Royal Space
1/4" White Trim
Butterfly Tail Bow w/Sequin Trim- This tail bow has a 1" strip of sequin edged by 1/4" ribbon.

Cream Tail Bow
1" Maroon Sequin
1/4" Black Trim
Fan Tail Bow- This tail bow has a 5/8" strip, a 1/4" strip, a 1 1/2" strip and a center fill color.

5/8" Yellow
1/4" White
1 1/2" Yellow
1 1/2" White
Fan Tail Bow- This tail bow has two 5/8" strips and a center fill color.

5/8" Red
5/8" White
Fill Red
Fan Tail Bow- This tail bow has two 5/8" strips, two 1/4" strips and a center fill color.

5/8" Copen
5/8" Silver
1/4" Copen
1/4" White
Fill Copen
Fan Tail Bow- This tail bow has one 5/8" strip of ribbon, 1/4" strip, 5/8" strip, 1/4" strip, and a center fill color.

5/8" Purple
1/4" Yellow
5/8" Silver
1/4" Yellow
Fill Purple
Fan Tail Bow- This tail bow has three 5/8" strips and a center fill color.

5/8" red
5/8" White
5/8" Royal
Fill Red
Adjustable Elastic
This form of elastic is great for the horse with a thin tail. Simply pull the ends of the elastic tight and you have a tail bow that won't fall off. $1.00/tail bow
Velcro Closure Velcro is often used for horses with long tails. The velcro is attached so it is wrapped around the horses' tail bone. No scotch knot is needed. Can be applied to all tail bow styles. $1.00/tail bow
Recondition Tail Bow Recondition- Repair costs vary depending on the repair that needs to be done. This can include new elastic, new ties, and bow cleaning.

*Contact us for a quote
$1.00/tail bow
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