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Color Catalog

The available colors for our products are located below.  If the color or material option you are looking for is not represented, please contact us. More color options may be available in different materials.

 Twist Colors
(511 Flower Tops)
White, Orange, Rose, Red, Purple, Bright Royal, Teal, Kelly, Hunter, Black, Silver, Brass, Raffia
Ribbon Colors
(511 Flower, Fan Style Tail Bow, Butterfly Style Tail Bow Trim)
White, Ivory, Creme, Lemon, Yellow-Gold, Orange, Red, Maroon, Rose, Pink, Purple, Navy, Royal, Bright Royal, Copen, Turquoise, Teal, Hunter, Forest, Kelly, Kiwi, Lime, Gray, Black, Silver, Brass
 Double Knit Mane Roll Colors
White, Ivory/Creme, Oatmeal, Yellow-Gold, Orange, Red, Maroon, Rose, Pink, Purple, Navy, Royal, Teal, Kelly, Forest, Hunter, Gray, Black
Lame Mane Roll Colors
Silver, Brass, Pink, Red, Lime, Bright Royal, Royal, Black
 Velour Mane Roll Colors
White, Ivory, Lemon, Red, Rose, Lilac, Kelly, Bright Royal, Navy, Gray
Sequin Mane Roll Colors
Ivory, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Rose, Red, Maroon, Purple, Kiwi, Kelly, Forest, Hunter, Turquoise, Copen, Royal, Black, Silver, Brass
 Butterfly Tail Bow Base Colors
White, Creme, Lemon, Yellow-Gold, Orange, Red, Maroon, Purple, Bright Royal, Royal, Navy, Teal, Kelly, Forest, Mocha, Black, Silver, Brass
Quilted Metallic Mane Roll Colors
(Soon to be discontinued)

*Color cards below are a representation of our colors. Due to computer elements, colors may not be exactly as seen below. If you are concerned with the accuracy of a color, we can send you a swatch.
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